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Tandem - a new generation of cultural changemakers
Tandem connects cultural managers from European Union countries and neighbouring countries - in this case Ukraine - European Union - Moldova - who want to build long-term partnerships and expand their skills and networks. It is partly funded by the European Commission through the CULTURE-Programme and Robert Bosch Stiftung,

Cultural managers from different countries were given the opportunity to meet and form a 'tandem'. Over the course of a year, they developed innovative, cross-border creative projects together. This process of building relationships and networks was built on through a series of meetings, exchanges, workshops and online support. 

The video shows two Tandem stories.Tatiana Pope and Silvana de Hillerin who are connecting traditional textile artists from rural Moldova with Isabell de Hillerin, a contemporary fashion designer from Berlin to create a new cutting-edge new fashion collection. In the other Tandem, Yaroslav Minkin co-creates the first Ukrainian language comic book with Ewa Hubar from Krakow in Poland -- and launches the book at a street festival in Luhansk. 

In May 2012 was a festival in Chisinau to celebrate the culmination of 12 months of activity brought about by Tandem Ukraine, Moldova and EU cultural managers working together. They enthused the local population to attend a range of exciting cultural events, as well as making an impact on political cultural decision-making level at a national level.

For more on the project visit www.tandemexchange.eu

Directed and filmed by Tinus Kramer
Advised by Nicola Mullenger and Jotham Sietsma

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